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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Gone Till.......

Whut it do Screwface Citizens??? I haven't been postin in hot minute due to a likkle venture and work I will be doing with the homies The Real Freqs now. As you know the fellas have asked me the be a contributor to there blog and as a loyal listener and a big head for music I jus couldn't refuse! So yeah I will be postin here and what not as most as I can but will be helping out the fam! So yeah If any of y'all want get @ me @

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

[VIDEO]Empire aka Fifth Letter Fam - Boom and Pound Dir:Bee May Prod

EMPIRE SEASON HAS BEGUN! Here's Empire's new video "Boom and Pound (Return of the Boom Bap)" directed by up and comer Bee May Productions. This video was filmed in 3 days, shut outs to everyone that was part of the video. Shutouts to King of The Dot for letting us use thier event and crowd to be a part of Canadian history with us mad love and also to my boy Tony for letting us use his studio to film the block party shot! Please pass this on to everyone and make this video BIGGGG!!! Stay tuned as I will be posting some big news in a few weeks!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

[VIDEO]Tona Album/Release Party Video/Tribute to MJ

Tona Album/Video Release Party 07/14/2009 @ Revival from Real Frequency on Vimeo.

Courtesy from the homie MLK aka Man Like Keezey comes last nights footage from Tonas release party for his debut album "Direct Deposit" available now if you havent copped it. Last night @ Revival the homie brought his Superfriends Ayah, King Reign, Rich Hennesy and of course Lyve to kill it last night and in which they did.

Tona performed heavy hitters such as "Dial Tone","Major" feat Tenisha, "Fast Pace" and other bangers from the album. King Reign Held it down also performing the Rich Kidd produced joint "Audacity of Hope". Plus Tona does his own tribute to MJ with LYVE on the mpc remixing some MJ chunes...stay chuned for my footage from that night!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

[VIDEO] Pac Div Mayor (Official Video)HQ

When it comes to L.A. everyone knows that Lakers come to mind, NWA, Dre, The Game and etc...but to me right now these cats have been all over and should be on a bigger scale of being known, Pac Div also known as Pacific Division comes there official first single video "Mayor". If u have seen in the past I have posted about this trio from L.A. and always been a fan. Check the visual of this bass dropping beat and insane dopeness from Pac Div!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

[Audio] Empire aka Fifth Letter Fam "Boom and Pound (Return of the Boom Bap) Prod:Big Sproxx

Boom and Pound (Return of the Boom Bap) Prod By Big Sproxx - Clean Version

Here is Empire aka Fifth Letter Fam's new single "Boom and Pound (Return of the Boom Bap) Produced by the Big Homie Big Sproxx. Empire comes real hard and gritty on this tribute to the Boom Bap hip hop that has been missing for a long time and as we all know Empire always comes gritty and raw on their joints. I myself had a chance to here majority of the whole album and can honestly tell you that this album will be groundbreaking for them. I can finally say after a 2 gruelling years of going thru hell and back on making this album , which I may say maybe a classic, is finally having a release date slated August 2009.Be sure to catch SCHH soon on some more Canadian Home Grown Ish!!!

*Anyone who wants to Dirty and Instrumental get @ me or post me your email address and I can send it to you!


Thursday, June 11, 2009

[Audio] Money - Frankie Payne Prod:Boi 1-Da

Frankie Payne - Money

Heres another homegrown from a emcee that has been doing it from time and is back killin it with this HUGGGE chune produced by Boi 1-Da (who also has been a monster on the beats latley i may add) comes Frankie Paynes new single "MONEY". Toronto has been doing it hard for '09 and seems its only getting better and better! Frankie Paynes album coming soon stay chuned via the blog!!!

[Audio] Groundwork -Tona,Theo 3,Ignay,Frankie Payne,JD Era, & Adam Bomb Prod:Big Sproxx for 16 Bars

Groundwork Produced By Big Sproxx For 16 Bars Productions

I know I have been on the lazy ass posting tip lately only due to have been mad busy with so much shit going on with the squad, Video shoots, sending out emails to blogs and other nonsense..Just got this from my man Big Sproxx the other day which has been gettin rinse on Real Freqs (What Up Fellas!), Stylistik Endeavours and also on KevinNottingham!!! Big Sproxx brought the essence of what I feel is absolutely REAL HIP HOP with that funky sound that I think has been missin in the game for some time.
Enjoy the heatery! More to come from my homie Big Sproxx be on the lookout here on my blog people! GET @ ME TORONTO!!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

[Audio] Underground - Empire aka Fifth Letter Fam Produced by Big Sproxx for 16 Bars Productions

Empire aka Fifth Letter Fam - Undergound Produced By Big Sproxx for 16 Bars Productions

Here's a sclusie from Big Sproxx himself comes this insane fuckin retarded track by Empire aka Fifth Letter Fam.
Empire album "Get It" coming sooner than you think!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

[VIDEO]Tona feat Ayah - Street of Dreams

Here's another one from the homie Tona feat the ever so talented songtress Ayah on this Richh Kidd laced beat entitled "Street of Dreams". Loved how the director and Tona really brought the essence of his hard raw lyrics to video and this strong meesage in the this video to picture. Tona has been on the grind as we can see with the slew of videos that he is constantly dropping!

**Jus a random rant mang! Rich Kidd you a monster with the production man. Keep doing what you do homie cause its fuckin insane!!!

[VIDEO]Theology 3 - 50 Bars Same Pattern

THEO3 - 50 BARS SAME PATTERN from THEO3 on Vimeo.

:It’s difficult enough to Rock 16 Bars on a track, but what happens when you’re challenged to Rock 50 BARS with the SAME PATTERN? Toronto emcee THEO3 is approached by the CHANNEL 9 NEWS TEAM and before you know it, the competition is on accompanied by a head knockin’ AMIR production (Nickelus F, Shad K)!”

Directed by Theo3
DP/Editor: Rinku Dasgupta
Produced by Write Just Films
Music: Amir
Graphic Design: Taps Das

Damn! Damn! The Screwface Mayor Theo3 comes correct again w/another banger! Directed by Theo3 himself and Beat produced by Amir! This song and the conecpt video is sick.Love the cameo from the Fifth Letter Fam's Adam Bomb and T.R.A. aka The Rhyme Animal, DJ Fase ,Frankie Payne. Video is f'n classic still. Theo get @ me Fam!!!