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Friday, January 30, 2009

Main Source Perfomance of "Fakin The Funk" on Yo! MTV Raps 92

Okay I caughts this just doing my random searches on youtube to see what we can find that was done live during The Golden Era. So while doing a random search for Main Source, I find this Yo! MTV Raps video and check how MTV'S Ed Lover diss Toronto!! But either the less still love this joint! Live performance still Uneek and Large P kill it!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Rare Footage Of The Wu-Tang on Toronto's Rapcity!

Check this rare footage via HIPHOPISREAD of the infamous Tang Clan on Muchmusic's Rapcity. In this vintage clip u see Ghost, Rae, and Cappadona here in Toronto promoting the release of Ghostface's debut solo album "IRONMAN" and Cappadona's single "98 mentality" @ The Industry nightclub. I remember this in high school still cause all the mans dem were thinking why did Meth get a manicure for thought that was mad homo but still he was supporting a movement. RZA had the hip hop game on lock back than man, wish I can grab the classic varsity wu jacket cause that shit was ill!

DJ Jazzy Jeff killin it on the 1's and 2's

Check how The King of the One's and Two's on hip hop period Jazzy Jeff killin it with his infamous blends and using the pioneer mixer for dem nasty blends and mixes....

Sunday, January 25, 2009

SCHHTV Presents:Pony Battle @ Revival Nightclub Part Four

Whoever was at this battle will know that during this time knows that during big battles like this Toronto judges were pretty wack. They would always vote the better emcee out and keep 2 garbage emcees in for some strange reason but this night was not like one of those nights! Jus catch how a real emcee tears it down...Whut up Scandalis..I was gonna post this eventually all the see videos. Be Sure to check my blog for more shiiieeeettttt!!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

SCHHTV Presents:Pony Battle @ Revival Nightclub Part Three

Here's the infamous round where this night became fuckin insane..jus check the vid and leave a comment!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

SCHHTV Presents:Pony Battle @ Revival Nightclub Part Two

Here's Part Two! Come on people wanna hear some feedback about the battle cause shit gets more intense from here. Watch how my homie Scandalis murder this set!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

SCHHTV Presents:Pony Battle @ Revival Nightclub Part One

Here's the infamous video footage of The Pony Throwdown Battle @ Revival Nightclub! Here is part one to the video. In part one we have Ironic, Scandalis, G-Stokes,Siktrix, Bishop Brigante,JD Era, and keep on checking my blog to see the rest of the battle.

This was for Empire Crown Royal DVD but had to show this infamous night in Toronto history!

Leave A Comment people!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Super Cat - Dolly My Baby Feat Notorious B.I.G.

Here's one for Throwback Thursday and for the release of BIG's movie coming out tommorrow. This is B.I.G.'s first video he ever did but as everyone knows the joint that got him was "Party and Bullshit", check the classic below also....

RARE Footage Of The Notorious B.I.G. @ The Hit Factory

In honour of the release of Biggie's Notorious Biopic coming out tommorrow, which only be in selected theatres in Toronto (which fackin sucks). In this classic rare video footage of BIG @ The Hit Factory Studio shows him politicking about what he is gonna spit, producers he wants to fuck wit and other random shit!

I hope this movie doesn't become a flop cause really the king of hip hop must be honoured proper! I will be back by the end of the weekend with my review of the vid....

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

DJ Mastermind Tape 22 No Gimmicks 96

Side A
Side B

Here's the exclusive download from one of the greatest DJ's to come from Toronto, Mastermind....I remember back in the day from 90 -95 listening to him on Energy 108 (which is now another rock station) every Friday night! I was a fiend for his mixtapes, would go by Traxx when it was open Yonge St to go cop em when it came out. So here's one of his classics enjoy the upload while it lasts!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

50 Cent-Shut Your Bloodclot Mouth ( Prod by Dj Premier )

50 Cent-Shut Your Bloodclot Mouth ( Prod by Dj Premier )

Heres a new joint slated for 50's new album "Before I Self Destruct" produced by DJ Premier entitled Shut Your Bloodclot Mouth. Looks like Premo was desperate to sell this throwaway beat cause that what it is sounding like but either the less its still a banger.

The Real Freqs @ Never Forgive Action

Don't mind the quality from the video, was shot thru my f'n digi cam but either the less check the video from Never Forgive Action jam that just passed on the weekend. Shutouts to the fellas was mad crunked! Check out Arcee killin it on the mic. Arcee man you kill me guy on your freestyle you tell P-Pleezy to mix it in but Inzane is on the wheels of the steel! You can tell the alcohol was in effect, truss me even I was gone. Get @ me fellas!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li English Movie Trailer

For all my Street Fighter heads out there comes hopefully and maybe a better version than the cheesy Van Damne version comes the first of many series of the Street Fighter Saga..Street Fighter:The Legend of Chun Li. Coming Febuary 27 2009!

Let the Bad Guy make you wish come true!!

Here's another Razor Ramon aka Scott Hall promo when he was just entering the WWE back in the early 90's. In this classic video Razor challenges all wrestlers to make a wish cause in the end he will show what your wish will come of! CLASSIC!

OutKast - Git Up Git Out

I know I have been sleeping on Throwback Thursdays but when this video caught my eye I had to post this. From thier debut abum "Southernplayalsitcadillacmuik" is the first video entitled "Git Up Git Out" produced by Dungeon Family's own Organized Noize!

Pac Div Feat Ty of Ty & Kory - No No

Pacific Division Feat. Ty of Ty & Kory- No No

Courtesy of 2dopeboyz caught this today and had to post this up. Snag this free no dj edit b4 its gone! Man Pac Div is gonna be one of the groups to watch it for in 2009.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Scarface - High Note (xxx video)

Off Scarface's new album "Emirtus" comes his second single "High Note" video. This video on all level is way to explicit even for BET After Dark, this needs to be up on Hustler or Playboy TV. Shorty in this video is "packin some serious heat", shit is forceful if u know what I mean.

Frankie Payne - Reach (For My City)

Here's the official video from Frankie Payne formelry Known as Jugganot "Reach" produced by ToneMason...this video is nuts as shows made cameos including Mayhem Morearty, Empire, The Real Freqs, Point Blank and etc....

Infinite Performance @ 1999 MMVA!

Here's a throwback of Screwface's own Infinite performing classics such as "Gotta Get Mine" and "Take a Look" at the 1999 MMVA.

Corey Feldman on Electric Circus????

After viewing this video mutiple times and seeing Mr.Feldman dancing like he is the white version of MJ, I had to post this video for bloggers all around the world to have a little laugh for the new year. For this video I appreciate good music even more, watch how Corey Feldman belts a high note like he is Mariah Carey!! I wonder how many units homie sold!!!

Group Home - Suspended In Time

This one is for the fellas @ The Real Freqs! After listening to the latest DSG Podcast, in which y'all had me dieing of laughter on bringing it to my attention that The Nutcracker was one of the worst rappers ever but he had that swag man! I guess thats what happens when you chill with Guru all the time! HA!

"You gotta put your mind on achieve mode
Go for your goals boom boom explode"

Monday, January 5, 2009

I got more Arrogance than Rick Martel!

Happy New Year to everyone and all of Toronto Screwface Citizens!! Heres a classic from from Canada's own Rick "The Model" Martel in his classic commercials "Arrogance The Cologne", shit had me on the floor son!!!!