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Friday, May 29, 2009

[Audio] Underground - Empire aka Fifth Letter Fam Produced by Big Sproxx for 16 Bars Productions

Empire aka Fifth Letter Fam - Undergound Produced By Big Sproxx for 16 Bars Productions

Here's a sclusie from Big Sproxx himself comes this insane fuckin retarded track by Empire aka Fifth Letter Fam.
Empire album "Get It" coming sooner than you think!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

[VIDEO]Tona feat Ayah - Street of Dreams

Here's another one from the homie Tona feat the ever so talented songtress Ayah on this Richh Kidd laced beat entitled "Street of Dreams". Loved how the director and Tona really brought the essence of his hard raw lyrics to video and this strong meesage in the this video to picture. Tona has been on the grind as we can see with the slew of videos that he is constantly dropping!

**Jus a random rant mang! Rich Kidd you a monster with the production man. Keep doing what you do homie cause its fuckin insane!!!

[VIDEO]Theology 3 - 50 Bars Same Pattern

THEO3 - 50 BARS SAME PATTERN from THEO3 on Vimeo.

:It’s difficult enough to Rock 16 Bars on a track, but what happens when you’re challenged to Rock 50 BARS with the SAME PATTERN? Toronto emcee THEO3 is approached by the CHANNEL 9 NEWS TEAM and before you know it, the competition is on accompanied by a head knockin’ AMIR production (Nickelus F, Shad K)!”

Directed by Theo3
DP/Editor: Rinku Dasgupta
Produced by Write Just Films
Music: Amir
Graphic Design: Taps Das

Damn! Damn! The Screwface Mayor Theo3 comes correct again w/another banger! Directed by Theo3 himself and Beat produced by Amir! This song and the conecpt video is sick.Love the cameo from the Fifth Letter Fam's Adam Bomb and T.R.A. aka The Rhyme Animal, DJ Fase ,Frankie Payne. Video is f'n classic still. Theo get @ me Fam!!!