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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

[VIDEO]Tona Album/Release Party Video/Tribute to MJ

Tona Album/Video Release Party 07/14/2009 @ Revival from Real Frequency on Vimeo.

Courtesy from the homie MLK aka Man Like Keezey comes last nights footage from Tonas release party for his debut album "Direct Deposit" available now if you havent copped it. Last night @ Revival the homie brought his Superfriends Ayah, King Reign, Rich Hennesy and of course Lyve to kill it last night and in which they did.

Tona performed heavy hitters such as "Dial Tone","Major" feat Tenisha, "Fast Pace" and other bangers from the album. King Reign Held it down also performing the Rich Kidd produced joint "Audacity of Hope". Plus Tona does his own tribute to MJ with LYVE on the mpc remixing some MJ chunes...stay chuned for my footage from that night!!!