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Thursday, June 11, 2009

[Audio] Groundwork -Tona,Theo 3,Ignay,Frankie Payne,JD Era, & Adam Bomb Prod:Big Sproxx for 16 Bars

Groundwork Produced By Big Sproxx For 16 Bars Productions

I know I have been on the lazy ass posting tip lately only due to have been mad busy with so much shit going on with the squad, Video shoots, sending out emails to blogs and other nonsense..Just got this from my man Big Sproxx the other day which has been gettin rinse on Real Freqs (What Up Fellas!), Stylistik Endeavours and also on KevinNottingham!!! Big Sproxx brought the essence of what I feel is absolutely REAL HIP HOP with that funky sound that I think has been missin in the game for some time.
Enjoy the heatery! More to come from my homie Big Sproxx be on the lookout here on my blog people! GET @ ME TORONTO!!!

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