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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

[Audio] Empire aka Fifth Letter Fam "Boom and Pound (Return of the Boom Bap) Prod:Big Sproxx

Boom and Pound (Return of the Boom Bap) Prod By Big Sproxx - Clean Version

Here is Empire aka Fifth Letter Fam's new single "Boom and Pound (Return of the Boom Bap) Produced by the Big Homie Big Sproxx. Empire comes real hard and gritty on this tribute to the Boom Bap hip hop that has been missing for a long time and as we all know Empire always comes gritty and raw on their joints. I myself had a chance to here majority of the whole album and can honestly tell you that this album will be groundbreaking for them. I can finally say after a 2 gruelling years of going thru hell and back on making this album , which I may say maybe a classic, is finally having a release date slated August 2009.Be sure to catch SCHH soon on some more Canadian Home Grown Ish!!!

*Anyone who wants to Dirty and Instrumental get @ me or post me your email address and I can send it to you!


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