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Thursday, May 29, 2008

In Rome....but will be back soon check the classic van gogh

I know most of y'all remember this famous picture used by Rass Kass on his album Van Gogh. I was in Paris and actually got to see the Famous painting done by Van Gogh. Heres the original and the one from Rass Kass's Album "Van Gogh". I will be back soon with more gotta pay for wifi in Europe but will be posting soon.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Estelle Feat Busta Rhymes - American Boy

Heres a remix to Estelles smash hit American Boy Feat Busta Rhymes. Courtesy of

Estelle Feat Busta Rhymes American Boy Remix

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ryan Leslie "Addiction" Remix Feat Cassie and Fabolous

Exclusive....From this ill website courtesy of comes this remix which surprisingly F to the A..B...O...L...O...U..S..A...KILLS IT.....Anotha Banga from Ryan Leslie....nuts

Ryan Leslie-Addiction RemiX Cassie And Fabolous

Ryan Leslie Makes "Addiction"

Is it me or is this cat the next D'angelo with a little sprinkle of P.Diddy or what.
Harvard Grad and youngin Ryan Leslie is highly vouched by P.Diddy and has had his
production in Cassies Album...Whta I enjoy seein about Ryan is that he knows
how to "COMPOSE" a song in most cases most musicians don't.Cant't wait to hear
more from this young fresh kid.

Also check Below a younger than Ryan Leslie video!!!

Hip Hop Does Live In The North!!!

Early Video of Ryan Leslie Teenager Years

Heres a video of Ryan Leslie showin that even when he was kid he had mad inspiration that was evolved to what he is today!Even Back than kid was "funky fresh ready ta party" ha ha ha...

Dream Warriors - Ludi

Luudddddi! Big Up King Lou! Vintage Toronto Hip Hop! and Why cant music be this fun anymore!!! Brink back the Golden Era man! T.Dot Stand up!!

Pacific Division Live Perforemance! "Ack Like You Chillin"

Off thier first mixtape aka blend tape "Sealed For Freshness" that came out in 2006,Live Performance in 2006 in Cali. Dont Forget Leave comments on any of the posts or drop me a line.Thanx!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Tre Nice - Game Tight

First off Massive shut outs to my man Tre Nice for coming with a big video!!! Hailing from Regent Park aka the first projects in North America comes my man Tre Nice.

Always a fan of Tre's tracks and cant wait for his album to drop.For more on Tre Nice check him @

Friday, May 2, 2008

Pacific Division on the Wake Up Show (Part 3)

Part 3 of the Pacific Division on the Wake up Show!

For more on these cats check em out at

Pacific Division on the Wake Up Show (Part 2)

Part Two of Pacific Division on The Wake Up Show!

Pacific Division on the Wake Up Show

Part one of 3 videos of Pacific

Pacific Division on Sway and Tech Wake Up show. In this first part of the videos what you will be seeing is 3 ill emcee's from Southern California. Like (22),Mibbs(21),and B-Young(20)who are all at young age are incredibly nuts on the mic. Supposedly these guys are gettin mad notice at such at growing rate that labels are calling this trio " the next best thing since A Tribe Called Quest" . In all honestly I have never felt like this since that too!! This is something fresh new and yeah these kids have incredible multiples and speak some real issue shit that's going on with community and they spit it like a bunch of vets in this game....I think the West is coming back hard this year! Loving these Dudes! Wanna make a big shutout to The Real Freqs for gettin me hooked on these kids!