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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Estelle Feat. Kanye West-American Boy [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

It's been a minute since I posted something but I had to post this since this United Kingdom artist who is blowing up like no tomorrow from her newly released album entitled "Shine".

After listening to her album you can tell the half ghana/grenada female brings alot to the table as up and coming female emcee/singer(oh yes she does spit some murderous rhymes , will post some old videos of her in which she spits). In this first single for her song "American Boy Feat.Kanye West" is certified heat.In the video as you can see includes cameos by Hi-Tek, John Legend, and Screwface's own Kardinall Offishall,which isn't American but is still in the video but is also on the album.

Be sure to cop her new Album cause I am officially stating this album is gonna go multi platinum and also gonna win mad awards from all over including the Grammys. This girl is officially gonna be the next Lauryn Hill but better no fake in this girl sings with mad soul and can really sing!!

Don't forget any comments left negative and positive is great want some feedback wanna know what else you guys wanna see on this..I got mad videos to be posting soon and some exclusives from Toronto's up and coming artists!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Snow- Anything For You feat, Nadine Sutherland, Beenie Man, Buju Banton, and Kulture Knox

Throwback Thursday Video!

....Ya I had to people...have to give credit where credit is due on dis big chune!!!! Snow did what I think one very smart move of putting Toronto on the map nicely with this song.

This classic throwback video with the most talented dancehall artists in the mid ninety's that were making a buzz with the Reggae Riddims which were big during that time. I know all my Toronto heads out there know that this is a very big chune. Even tho he was mocked by the Americans the dancehall artists supported him well cause he was talented and showed mad love and vouched for Snow in this blazing chune.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Empire aka Fifth Letta Fam Interview On Real Freqs!! PART ONE

Heres Part One of the interview from Real Freqs! Part Two will be up soon!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Theology 3 - S.A.R.S 5 Drop

S.A.R.S. 5 DROP by Theology 3
Fandalism Free MP3 Hosting

What more can you say about this cat! Ill!!! Theology 3! The man who brought you the term "Screwface Capital" for a city that will boo you so hard that you feel that your at The Apollo in New York City!!!. Theo 3 brings some sick lines on this track he literally had me slapping the wall real hard! Another T dots finest that I think is always consistent when dropping a few hard bars when spitting the truth about his love for his craft and his city . Theo brings the skills again on this famous mix tape (which I do believe Theo has been on almost every S.A.R.S Mix tape since it came out) and brings his witty wordplay and flawless flow over this nasty beat!Be sure to cop Theo's new Mix tape"I'M COMIN ' IN" @ Check for more Theo hot ish @ 3

***From S.A.R.S 5:The Fifth Symptom

IRS - Strictly for the Heads

Probably one of my more favourite groups coming out of Toronto I.R.S.. The Rapping Dynamic Duo, Corey Deez and BlackCat tear this track hard with crazy ass mutiples and nasty flow from these Scarborough natives is str8 heatery and love the video. Big Up BlackCat and the whole Monolith crew! Real Hip Hop Right hurr people!!

Empire aka Fifth Letta Fam Interview On Real Freqs!!

Here's one of many posts that will be on this site also...Here's Empire aka The Fifth Letta Fam on The Real Frequency Show on Flow 93.5 in the new segment on The Real Freqs "The New North".On this audio includes exclusive new tracks of the greatly anticipated forthcoming album"Get It" and Empire as always blazing the mic, showing that they can flip it well when it comes to freestyling and laying down some real hip hop ish to Toronto. Sending a big Hollerate @ My man P-plus and everyone at Real Freqs for getting the squad this interview about f'n time that's all I can say. Here's the link.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Yagga Yooooo cheeee chowwwwwww Toronto!!

Whats Up Tdot! This is one of many posts that I will be dropping here on this Blog.There will be videos, exclusive tracks from Canadian Talent and other tunes that I am currently feeling and sh&^%t.Also reviews of what I am def feeling and not feeling!!Throwback Thursday Videos.Feel free to get @ me anytime post comments and shit!!

**My opinions in any of my blogs are in no way influenced by the people that I am affiliated with, these are my expressions and my views about the music and the movement that is happening here in the Screwface Capital**

Brian "Quackas" De Sousa

"Get it" Coming Soon


Yesh Yesh Y'all The 5th Letta Fam Y'all...heres one of many videos that I will be posting of great canadian talent that the music industry in Canada is missing great Talent....This is my homie and Brotha from another Scandalis aka Tony Ranks. One of the and maybe the illest to tear up the mic in Toronto. Heres one chune that you see here not only can he spit lethal rhymes he also brings a message...Scandalis->Momma!!!