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Monday, April 6, 2009

[AUDIO]Nickleus F - Whoo Saah Prod:Boi-1da

Woo Sah - Nickleus F (Prod:Boi 1da)

I have always been a fan of Boi-1da's production! This Toronto native has progressed from comin from one of the youngest in charge on the beats to being the most sought out producer in Toronto. Whats crazy is that Boi-1da stated making beats a la Fruity Loops just like 9th Wonder and man this kid makes classics everytime on that program! On this joint we have Nickleus F over this Boi-1da crazy beat sampling the infamous Sesame Street Countdown. Nickleus F also had a mixtape "HipHop4Dummies" in which also Bo-1da had some joints on. I wish i still had that cause this cats is sick! He also won a few times on 106 and Park for all yall who r stuck in a cave!!Enjoy!

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