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Thursday, March 19, 2009

[AUDIO] So Softly - Empire aka Fifth Letta Fam feat. Pumpkinhead

Heres a classic if none of y'all never heard this before...from Empire's second street album "Table of Nonsense" comes this banger produced by Noah "40/40" Shebib, So Softly feat Pumpkinhead. This was recorded when Pumpkinhead came to toronto with Brooklyn Academy to do a show at Comfort Zone when REMG had the best Illamental shows back in the day. So when we just first started we went to go check the show cause we were a big fan of PH and Brooklyn Ac!

So as we alwayss do we would freestyle anywhere, anytime and anyplace, so Empire was in washroom and caught PH freestylin the washroom with Tonedeff and so Adam and Scandalis hoped in the cypher and killed it. So when the show was we connected with PH and he told us he was staying in the Screwface for one more day. When PH told us that we figured lets conenct and do a joint and this my hip hop fanatics camee this heatery. What up PH!!! Get @ Me Fam!!

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