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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

[AUDIO]Make It Big - Theology 3 [REMIX'S]

Since its BIG month, I have been slacking on posting shit including Screwface music, so when I got home to check pon di email I see a likkle ting from Homie Theology 3 on promo for his Make It Big single with remixes from DJ Fase,Esh,Phat Tony and Big Solomon Caine. Also wanna congrats on Theo3 having DJ Eclipse paying the heatery on Headqaurtez live on Satellite Radio. So in honour of BIG month heres a sclusie courtesy of Screwface Mayor Theology 3! Get @ Me Theo!

Theology 3 - Make It Big The Remixes!

DJ Eclipse Live on DJ Premiers Live From The Headqaurterz

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