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Monday, November 10, 2008

Say Hello To The Bad Guy!

Razor Ramon Debut Promo One

Razor Ramon Debut Part Two

Who can ever forget Razor's debut on WWF!He was one of the best entertainers in WWF history. He had me rolling every weekend with his bad guy persona.My favourite match ever was when him and Shawn Micheals fought for the title belt with the first ever ladder match. Now Razor can be caught being a fat overweight bucket wrestler.

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Vatkeezy said...

LOL goat character of all time! Promo 2 is hilarious but I love this one.

This is classic too:

Man I just watched like all of them, you owe me some time Brian!


Quackass said...

Yeesss for sure Keezey! Thanks for hailling me up homie...yeah i got some more classic's to post! Get @ me!!!