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Saturday, October 11, 2008

What's Playing on the Itouch? Vol.1

So, On Saturday's is usually a day I can sit back and chill @ the base or just go take a stroll in the nieghbourhood. When I go down to my neighborhood on Staurday, I do alot of travelling by foot cause I don't drive and take the T.T.C. AKA Take the Cab to get down to the area. So I thought I would just put down my own playlist that I played on my itouch today! Get @ me Screwface Citizens...

Notorious B.I.G.-Kiss Your Ass Goodbye
Buju Banton- Big it up
Pharoah Monche- The Ass feat. Apani B.Fly
Styles P. Da 80's
Scandalis-Momma (40/40 Remix) feat Marcus Voyce

Notorious B.I.G.-Notorious Thugs feat. Bone Thugs n Harmony
D'Train-Your the one for me
Pete Rock and C.L Smooth-The Creator
Black Milk - Insane
Akineyle feat Sadat X-Loud Hangover
M.O.P. - Put it in the Air feat. Jay-Z
Sean Paul - Infiltrate
Adam Bomb - S.A.R.S 3 Freestyle

KRS-One - Mad Crew
Notorious B.I.G - Macs and Dons
Lil' Kim - Queen Bitch
Eric B. & Rakim - Don't Sweat The Technique
Pacific Division- Women Problems

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Nice run down dog.

Is that a photoshop or an actual app?

Quackass said...

found the pic on google still but yeah if that is a app i would cop it...still thanks on the feedback still