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Thursday, September 11, 2008


The past 2 days I was catching a few flicks at the TIFF and watched maybe a Oscar winning performance from Benecio Del Toro in this Bio/True Story of Ernesto "Che" Guevara. Steve Soderbergh created a masterpiece. Steve Soderbergh had the movies in 2 parts due to length of the film.Part One and Two were 2 hrs and 10 minutes each. This movie is incredible, Soderbergh didn't hollywood this movie at all, any true movie buff and anyone who knew who Che was and his movement was really about will def love it. Supposedly IFC Films picked up the film and Soderbergh will be screening the movie in NY and LA film festivals. If Del Toro doesn't get nominated for this movie we already know The Academy is WACKKKK!!!!!!

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Bill said...

I was filmed for a scene in that movie that took place in the East River of NYC aboard an old police launch. We stopped a boat and a mortar was fired at the U.N. from the East side of the river. Can you tell me anything about what part of that scene made it in the movie?

Quackass said...

Yeah that scene was in it!! I hope Benencio gets nominated and the movie also Stev Soderbergh did a fantastic Job!!!