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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Joel Ortiz Ft.Dante Hawkins "Letter To Obama" Directed By: The Sharpshooter.

Joell Ortiz ft. Dante Hawkins "Letter To Obama" Directed by: The Sharpshooter from The Sharpshooter on Vimeo.

Up and coming canadian director "The Sharpshooter" comes with this sick video for Joel Ortiz's "Letter To Obama". The video was primarly shot in New York and Toronto cause you will see cameos by Screwface's own Hustlegrl,Angerville, and shot in location in Oakwood and Vaughan!!! Tuff video! Gotta give it "Sharpshooter" he has been real consistent on the video tip! Holla @ me Sharpshooter you done it again homie...this video is SICK.

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