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Friday, July 18, 2008

The Game, Busta Rhymes. Tray Beats, & Young Ree Rap City Freestyle! (Over A Millie Beat)[G-Unit Beef Is Over]

When are rappers gonna stop rhyming over this Millie Beat!!! That beat may jus go down in 2008 as the most dubbed by any artist in North America right now. But either the less hears The Game,Busta,Young Ree and Producer Trae Beats in "The Booth" on Rap City's Da Basement, in this what I may say is def freestyling not like Weezey!!! I think Busta and Game should def do a album together. These two have such great chemistry together when they do shit together! Can't wait for LAX to come out!!!

"I dont do that singer thing/Busta Rhymes wears Asteriods on my finger bling/"

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