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Saturday, June 14, 2008

A little too late but never...R.I.P. Camu Tao aka Tero Smith!

I was in Europe when this happened and really wanted to honor duke! This Cat from Colombus Ohio was to me mad underrated and he had mad potential to be at the top, but the stupid music industry would never be able to accpet his style of music. Camu was also a producer and part of El-P's production crew "Central Services". He was also partner in rhyme with Metro known as S.A. Smash and most notable with Cage, Copyrite and El-P As the "Weatherman". Here I have posted all up for your listening pleasure one of my favourites and always will be is Cam Tao's joint from the Def Jux album which he also help co produced on the album is "Hold The Floor" I know this song keeps my head bouncin, beat was nasty and rhymes were tight as f&*(k.

JUNE 6 1977-MAY 25 2008

Hold The Floor by Camu Tao
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