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Friday, May 2, 2008

Pacific Division on the Wake Up Show

Part one of 3 videos of Pacific

Pacific Division on Sway and Tech Wake Up show. In this first part of the videos what you will be seeing is 3 ill emcee's from Southern California. Like (22),Mibbs(21),and B-Young(20)who are all at young age are incredibly nuts on the mic. Supposedly these guys are gettin mad notice at such at growing rate that labels are calling this trio " the next best thing since A Tribe Called Quest" . In all honestly I have never felt like this since that too!! This is something fresh new and yeah these kids have incredible multiples and speak some real issue shit that's going on with community and they spit it like a bunch of vets in this game....I think the West is coming back hard this year! Loving these Dudes! Wanna make a big shutout to The Real Freqs for gettin me hooked on these kids!

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