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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Theology 3 - S.A.R.S 5 Drop

S.A.R.S. 5 DROP by Theology 3
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What more can you say about this cat! Ill!!! Theology 3! The man who brought you the term "Screwface Capital" for a city that will boo you so hard that you feel that your at The Apollo in New York City!!!. Theo 3 brings some sick lines on this track he literally had me slapping the wall real hard! Another T dots finest that I think is always consistent when dropping a few hard bars when spitting the truth about his love for his craft and his city . Theo brings the skills again on this famous mix tape (which I do believe Theo has been on almost every S.A.R.S Mix tape since it came out) and brings his witty wordplay and flawless flow over this nasty beat!Be sure to cop Theo's new Mix tape"I'M COMIN ' IN" @ Check for more Theo hot ish @ 3

***From S.A.R.S 5:The Fifth Symptom

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